Basic Bonsai 1 day course to be conducted in Mandarin and English by President Lim Keow Wah of Singapore Penjing And Stone Appreciation Society.

Tentative date :17th Sept 22 (Sat. 10am to 5pm), to start with minimum 10 participants.
Venue : Exhibition Hall 55 Genting Lane Singapore 349563.
Course Fee :$100
Course content: basic theory,  appreciation of tree, selection of growing material,
soil, sunlight, watering, fertiliser and pot.
Hands on: each participant will be given a small bonsai (trunk dia 1-2cm, Ht 15-30cm) a bonsai pot, aluminium wire and Akadama soil. Will be guided to trim leaves, branches, roots to shape, change soil and to repot. Each participant to bring home the completed plant specimen. See plant sample (attached photo). For those interested, please call Mr Lim at 88091161 to register.