About Us

Singapore Penjing and Stone Appreciation Society was founded in 1977 with the aim of promoting the art and cultivation of Penjing. In the later years, appreciation of Artistic Stones was incorporated into the society. Our clubhouse has a small library and bonsai nursery plot for usage by members on a rental basis. We hope through everyone’s participation and exchange of ideas; both locals & foreign enthusiasts, would help to popularize and continue to improve the standard of this living art in Singapore.

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Originated from China, the ancient art of miniaturizing trees and landscape involves not only the skill of styling; understanding of the basics of cultivation is equally important. Finally, with continual care and patience, the tree matures and changes evolving into the living art of Penjing creation.

On the other hand, the appreciation in the beauty of artistic stones is a reflection of man’s admiration of nature.

Penjing and Landscape Penjing

Penjing also known as Bonsai refers to the planting of a tree or group of trees in a tray or pot. Cultivation and training…

Artistic Stones

The different types and forms of stones are being appreciated by collectors as one discovers the unique character….

Pots and Display Stand

Pots and Display stands are vital features of Penjing presentation.


Participation in Events such as Asia Pacific Bonsai Conference and Exhibition; Singapore Garden Festival etc…


Maintenance of plants for a specified duration

Pruning and styling of plant specimens

Service fees are applicable in contribution to the society’s fund