Artistic Stones

Appreciation of Artistic Stones

Artistic Stone refers to stones which possess natural beauty without any embellishment. Stones are formed from the earth'€™s crust; lava of volcanic eruptions; soil or sediment deposited through high pressure to form a huge piece or pieces of hard stone. Through the physical forces of nature such as extreme low temperatures, wind, rain, ice, water; growth of plant roots or chemical reaction, stones are being broken or differentiated into smaller pieces, the minerals contained within results in the formation of different color, structure and hardness. Weathering processes through the natural forces create different shapes or pictograms; rough or smooth surfaces; or even bore holes making it into a delightful stone. Stone lovers may pick or collect such wonderful stones from the hills, plains, rivers or deserts and bring it back to their home for appreciation. Special wooden stand are used to stabilize stones or one could place stone in a shallow tray for display and appreciation. Stones from different regions are appreciated and named according to their place of origin for their unique style and characteristics.